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Some general information about the island and its population. The volcanic island of Mauritius stretches 67 km in length and 46 km in breadth. The warm climate, the blue-green ocean and above all the most friendly and hospitable residents make it a true tropical paradise. Over the centuries the population originated from India, Madagascar, East-Africa, China, France and England. The official language is English, but French and Creole is most commonly spoken.

Apart from Big Game fishing, there are a number of other aquatic sports, which can be enjoyed. You can go (wreck) diving, snorkelling, (catamaran) sailing, cruising, parasailing and windsurfing, to name some. On shore you can go hiking in a breath taking nature: mountains, waterfalls, floral beauty and small mammals……and of course the unmatched beaches. The fabulous view over the coral reefs, a pleasant sea breeze and an ambient temperature of 30 degrees makes you realise what life really can be like!
The picture on the right shows Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius, where all cultures have left their traces: the Buddhist temples, Catholic churches and Synagogues. Drinking and dining is good and moderately priced. Shopping is varied and interesting.
Depending on your point of departure you can leave in the evening from Amsterdam (Schiphol Airport) for Paris, Munich or London, where a transfer is made to Air Mauritius which takes you straight to Mauritius in time for your breakfast. There is a time difference of 2 hours forward (ECT) and 3 hours forward (GMT). Hardly a reason for a jetlag. Mauritius is a clean and safe place and no medical inoculations are required.
On my most recent trips to Mauritius I stayed at a beautiful new bungalow. It is situated in a village called Flic and Flac (like the tail of a fish), some 15 minutes drive from the town of Black River, and about a 1 minute walk from splendid beaches where you can swim, snorkel, etc. All this is about a half an hour's drive from the capital of Port Louis. It is a modern and detached bungalow split in half, made up of a ground floor and two more floors on top. Two bathrooms and 3 toilets, Click the picture for a larger version entrance hall, large livingroom, nicely furnished with matching rotan furniture, TV, radio/CD, kitchen with gasburner, microwave, oven, grill and fridge/freezer. Click the picture for a larger version The first floor has 2 large bedrooms with double beds provided with airconditioning, bathroom and balcony. The second floor contains a bedroom with double bed, bathroom and a roof terrace giving a beautiful view over Flic and Flac.